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Wednesday, Dec. 04, 2002, 9:38 a.m.: a day...

Today is my Dad's birthday. He's away @ a conference which isn't very cool but, he always ends up @ a conference on his b-day. The weather has become slightly milder again. Yesterday it was so chillingly cold that it gave you goose bumps. My Grandmother, it turns out has bronchitis. Totally sucks cause she's @ that age where shit like that can really fuck with you. I hope she's alright and stays as healthy as that cold will allow her.

This morning I had no milk, so I went to McDonlads for breakfast. I know...not cool. When I eat greasy foods I feel like I have lard running through my veins. It's fucking disgusting, but it tastes so yummy. Once in a while is okay you know. Plus I've noticed that I'm starting to look like a rake, so a little fat ain't gonna harm me. I mean, shit, I'm gonna need some insulation this winter! I've gotta buy my skim milk tonight so that I can have my cheerios like usual in the morning. My favorite!!