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Wednesday, Nov. 20, 2002, 8:57 a.m.: working it...

You should see my knees. They are so fucking bruised! It's from rolling a/r on the floor in my dance class yesterday. That girl loves to get us on the floor. I think I'm going to invest in some god damn knee pads. Seriously, thay look like hell. I'm going to be shooting this Friday and I hope they're better by then, cause I have to be in a skirt I think. How sick will that look on film...tell me? Blah...

I'm still sore as a mother fuck. It's totally different to go from working out @ the gym to a dance class. You use a whole new set of muscles. You use so many more muscles...all the little ones you never knew you had and in every part of your body. I want to go to this workshop that's being held by the instructor that taught me yesterday. I fucking love her! She's holding it this Sunday and I hope that I can make it. I'll be shooting that day too, and with some luck, I'll be finished by 4pm so that I can make my little cousin's birthday and then I can head out to her class. It better work out that way.

I didn't find anyone in class that I thought I could use for the piece. It sucked. I have to head down again this Thursay to look some more. I have 2 weeks to get this all pretty much together and I have to hook up with director sometime soon to talk a/b stuff like music, movement, basic ideas. I'm just crossing my fingers that I can find 10 good girls in time. And then this Friday they have a Tango/Salsa class going on and I probably can't even make it cause of shooting. We'll see, I'm getting the shoot schedule tonight so I'll have to work a/r it then.