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Wednesday, Nov. 06, 2002, 8:58 a.m.: sunny fall day...

Did you know that it's actually sunny out today? YES! It's shinning brightly into my windows and it makes the day feel so much better. I am in a great mood today. O.K. besides the fact that I can't seem to type this morning...I must have fucked up @ least 6 times already. Stiff fingers. Fall has come in with the roar of a lion. I know that's not the saying, but it's how it is. It seems like in a day all the leaves have fallen off the trees and are scattered all a/r the city. I don't particularly like fall, but with the sun shinning so bright it looks alright. Feels alright too!

It started to down pour yesterday night and it was fucking freezing. I had to run out of the gym in my shorts with my bare legs. I was dying. I ended up late @ the gym and sitting right in the front. I bumped into an old friend from high school who I hadn't seen all summer. We got to talking and it turns out the lead singer of his band (another good friend of mine) quit the band. I was shocked to shit cause they were doing well, winning contests and shit. So apparently the two days a week they practised was too much for him. I was in even more shock a/f hearing that, I still don't think I do enough and I hardly HAVE relaxing time...and I'm thinking in my head 'shit, I would rehearse two nights a week with them'. He said they'd been auditioning people but don't like any of the people. I think I'm gonna move on in there, in time.

I booked an audition for a dance production of Romeo & Juliet that's being put on. No words just dancing the story. I'm not sure how I'll do, but it'll be awesome to see what their ideas are with the production. Dance styles will include jazz, hip hop and breaks. I'm screwed on the breaks for sure...but the rest I can handle. Yes Yes!! So that's for this coming Tuesday. I've been scarce on the auditions this week. It must be a break week or some shit. I'm working now on getting my head shots done so that I can submit to some sites that will notify me of more auditions. I want to work and I need to get experience and shit. I can't start up my singing again yet b/c I'm out of funds and I have to get my car winterized. Fucking sucks...let me tell you. I'm loving the new Robbie Williams song. I fucking want to eat this guy up!!! I think the song is called 'Real Love'. It's beautiful...and so is he.