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2002-09-27, 8:38 a.m.: car accident prone...

Holy fucking shit! Am I accident prone or what?! Actually more like, is my car accident prone? It's like something is trying to get me or some shit. So, I went for my drive clean test yesterday. Went well...except the cute boy's computer broke down right @ the end of the test and he had to re-do it. So, that took an extra 1/2 hr to finish. Then on my way back to work I stupidly took the main road which was full of construction and shit. Traffic came to a complete halt, @ one point, and I broke. This time I fucking actually made it, I stopped in time and didn't hit the chick in front of me. I look into my rear view and what do I see? Some broad in a BMW comes ploughing into me. I couldn't fucking believe it! I still managed NOT to hit the chick infront of me, but she pulled off too just to make sure we were okay, cause she realized how fast she had to stop. Like what the fucking fuck!! So my poor car is now all fucked up in the back end. I've gotta take her in on Monday to get repaired. It's quite mind boggling actually. So today I've gotta get my back checked out...just in case.

I went down to see my friend @ her work later in the afternoon and I got lots of audition posts off the board. It was cool...her boss took us out for drinks a/f too. He's a cool guy. He was telling me all a/b the massive hotels in Las Vegas and Miami...and I have completely fallen in love with Miami. So descriptive in his story that I felt like I was there inside the hotels. Okay, it could have been the wine. I drank more wine than I ever have in my life (I don't really like wine), but this shit was good. @ the end of the night I needed my friend to hold my arm, cause I felt like I was floating in my 5 inch boots, down the side walk. This wine was good though.

We went to watch the 'Friends' episode @ S's brother's girle-friends palce, but we ended up watching 'Survivor'. Personally I don't give a fuck, cause they're both useless shows anyways. I like 'Will and Grace' which we watched a/f. 'Friends' just got so sappy @ the end there. We smoke a couple joints. I smoked too, yes. My usual few pulls...just to get me perfect.

Now today I should have a killer head ache, cause of the weed, wine, and RAIN. Luckily it's only a mild one and I can ahndle it. I must be full of water. Hey tomorrow we're going to this huge 'amusement park'. I haven't been on a roller coaster in fucking ages. I'm dying to get on one...all of them!!