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2002-08-30, 9:14 a.m.: get it out of my head!!

The next little while is going to be so fucking busy. Both Film Festivals open in town and I'm sure we've got stars swarming. Yes, I'm not the only star here in town these next couple of weeks. Saturday I'm getting together with all the volunteers for the Indie festival. I think I'm going to have to put flyers up and talk to business owners and shit. I really didn't want to have to do anything this Saturday cause I wanted to get my pics done. I might as well do the work though while I'm in T.O...it's going to be 11 am in the morning so I think I can add it in. Fuck, I'm not even for sure that we can do my pics this Saturday. I gotta see what he's doing first. Whatever it is though, I want them done by Monday @ the latest. I promised a friend of mine that I'd pick tickets up for us @ the Eaton's Centre for the Festival screenings. For the indie festival, we get free tickets, but for the big one we gotta pay.

I was thinking of joining a choir too, for fun and extra practise. That's another thing on my list of things to do for September. My fingers are still crossed for this movie too. I just got the music package (for my friend's band) out yesterday. They'll probably get it today or tomorrow. Everyone tells me not to think a/b it, but I have to sometimes. I'm not going to drive myself insane over it...although I've been known to obsess sometimes. HA! Sometimes?! More like all the time, unless I distract myself with something else. I'm a head case, okay fuck, SO WHAT!

MTV awards were on yesterday. Okay, I have to say Britney Spears looked fucking awesome in that dress. Those shoes were killer! Something I would totally buy. I'd fuck her. I had to put that in there.

I'm still looking for advice re: my ex. I agree with Jodie totally, well, I guess not totally otherwise I wouldn't be asking for more advice. I'm wondering if I could do it w/o getting all the head games involved. @ the same time, I just finished getting him out of my mind that I'm kinda scared to see him again...even as much as I want to. FUCK!

Tonight I'm going out dancing and drinking. I just want to get fucked! Dance my ass off, play with some boys..you know. Usual. It's some girls b-day and we all get in free. I'm excited, I need to take my mind off all the work and shit.