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2002-08-21, 8:55 a.m.: yea yea...almost done!!

Everything is now done in my apartment. Well...not the packing or anything, but the walls are cocked (haha), sanded, and painted. Okay, the paint didn't match up as well as we had hoped for, but it'll do. I think they have to re-paint the walls anyways. So there you go...they can have her.

I had one of those shitty ass dreams a/b my ex again. I swear it's fucking brutal! I'm not sad in my dreams anymore, but he's still swishing a/r up there in my head. I like the sex dreams where I'm hungrily and crazily fucking some hot man. Or where he's throwing me a/r taking charge. Yea, those dreams are much more fun.

You know, I just found out yesterday that Britney god damn Spears was signed to Madonna's record label. Is this really true? Well, hell yea it is I saw it with my own fucking eyes. I was completely shocked and then brought back down to earth when I realized that she was just signed so Madonna could stay on top of the game. Yes, when I decided that she was just using her I felt better. I'm still jealous as hell though! Wouldn't you be?!

I finally spoke to the music co-ordinator for the movie and tried to hook up my friend's band. He's really interested in hearing his work. He also let it go that they were VERY impressed with my read. Okay...I was going to write everything he said here, but I decided that I don't want to jinx it for myself. So, I'll keep it hush hush. Let's just say I was EXTREMELY excited and proud. I couldn't sleep a/f and I had a very hard time waking up this morning b/c of it.

Okay, I have really abd cramps right now. I'm pissed!

There was more than one answer so I did it twice. These are so fucking fun!

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