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2002-08-19, 8:53 a.m.: Oasis and Lord of the Rings...

I finally watched 'Lord of the Rings' yesterday. I picked it up and decided to have a nice day alone watching a great movie. I don't know if I'm overly emotional...I think that's what it is...but I cried five times through it. It was brutal, I kept running to the bathroom for kleenex. Actually, toilet paper cause I don't have any kleenex. What a fucking amazing movie! It was so good, that I brought it over to my parents place to watch it with my sister and I watched it the second time a/r with the same attention that I did the first time. That is amazing for me and a movie. I'm in love with all the magic, witches and warlocks, magicians, and elves...great shit. I want to read the book now, b/c I know I can imagine it even more elaborate than the movie itself. I'll be putting that on my agenda.

Saturday I went to see Oasis. Fucking amazing! I've labelled them my new favorite band. The energy I felt from them was crazy and it wasn't the alcohol, I'll tell you that much. We all wanted to go to a club a/f but I had scraped my feet up from walking so much and everyone elses feet were sore too. We got out @ 11:30 and then had to walk across the highway (via bridge), back through the CNE, and then up the street to our car. I was ready to crawl by that point. We had also been drinking since 4:30 pm and it was so hot out. I know the next day (yesterday) I was temporarily brain dead b/c of it. I'm not the type to sleep in and rest it off. I was up @ my ususal hour ready to get things done. A/f the concert we stayed down town and got some food. One of us (and it wasn't me) chose a certain restaurant that had an outdoor patio b/c it looked nice. When we sat down to order the menu was full of food the was so god damn expensive we had to settle with entrees. I wanted to go to 'Hooters' but SOMEONE wouldn't be seen sitting in there. Whatever. MY food was good. Next w/e we're dancing for fucking sure.

Now, onto this week...I'm hoping, still crossing my fingers for that part. He said it would take a couple weeks and it's now 1 week down. If I don't get a call-back by this Saturday, I think I fucking right outta luck on this one. I've been trying to get ahold of one of the guys so that I can get my friends band in on the project if possible, but this guy is never available. I'm going to have to try him again tonight. It would be bonus if I could get this for him.