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2002-07-08, 10:43 a.m.: another weekend...

Back to work Monday...sucks shit! It's hot and sunny out, a great start to the summer. My friend is returning from Ireland on the 10th. She's coming back to stay for good here. I'm making plans with her sister for us to get together. She was away for a/b 5 years a/f she married some Irish guy. They were so in love, until the realities of life set in. She learned so much I'm sure though, just being away living and breathing in another country was worth it. It's probably going to be a culture shock returning here. I'm happy she's coming home.

I had a pretty good w/e. I got my t.v. and she's sitting pretty in my apartment. I was so excited to have it there. It kinda feels like I'm not alone anymore...I don't know why. Saturday was fucking busy as hell. I went to the gym in the morning and then went to shop for the t.v. The heat really takes a toll on your energy. I was fucking exhausted by the end of it all. Then S came to pick me up and we drove out to my friends ranch, where we rode horses with like 40 people on a trail. It wasn't as exciting as I had hoped. It felt good, but it hurt my ass so much. The horse I got had an attitude problem. She was so moody she was grunting the whole way, scaring the shit out of S's horse...who kept speeding up b/c of mine. My horses name was 'Fanny' and she was pissed a/b a new horse that was on trail, who was riding behind me. Her ears were pitched back the whole trail ride, and everyone who was familiar with riding kept staying away. It was fun still. A/f riding they built a fire and we ate and drank. I saw alot of old friends from high school. I was really tired by that point though, so by 12 I just wanted to sleep.

Things are good. I watched 'The Craft' yesterday night. I really like that movie...