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2002-06-10, 9:15 a.m.: productive w/e...

FINALLY! An eventful w/e. I had my dance workshop to do this Sunday. I ended up passing on the performing (singing) part of it, b/c I wanted to get back to my sister's communion party (in time) to end the evening off with her. She looked so beautiful. I figure I will have many other opportunities to perform live singing and dancing, but this is her one time thing. I mean, she did tell me that it was okay if I didn't go, but I wanted to be there still.

So the workshop went so well that I had everyone cheering and clapping. My coach, again, offerend me a job with her teaching Sundays, for now @ her place. I saw, there, an old friend from high school whose been in a band for seven years. He gave me his c.d. and it turns out he's really established. We said we'd get together and I would sing some back-ups for him...get some experience. It was very fucked to see him there. We got along well in high school and we pretty much kept in touch until a/b 2 years into his college experience. Probably a/b the time he started his band...and now 7 years later, we meet again.

So, my workshop went so well that I had all these people coming up to me asking me to teach them, taking my number down. My vocal coach even put me on the spot and got me to make up some movements to a song we were doing. So in five minutes I put together a full number. A little test that I passed with flying colors. It was very cool. She was definately impressed and so happy. I've never seen her THAT happy. So, again I feel that things are moving in the right direction for me. I'm trying to concentrate on the present, but if I look ahead a bit I can see everything all laid out a/r me. It's really a fucking great feeling. A very productive w/e, for sure. I'm glad that I've found people who are involved in the industry who I know of. I mean, my friend's from high shool are great guys...always have been...honest and truthful. Although, really it's not hard to pick out who is and who isn't these days. One test and you've got them pinned. So I guess now it just hope for the best, expect the worst, and do your fucking best @ EVERYTHING.