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2002-02-22, 9:07 a.m.: useless lame ass fucks...

O.K...well yesteraday didn't go exactly as planned. Everyone ended up being late so I never had a chance to talk with my friend. We ended up having a great dinner though. Artichoke hearts in vinegar and a little bit of oil are fucking yummy-ass-dilicious! They were the best hearts I've eaten. I think my friend was a little uncomfortable cause I was there with my good friend (whom I've had forever). We all go out together, but I guess there's that little bit of jealousy that happens between friends that went on a bit. Whatever...

So did you see it?? Our Canadian women WON the gold medal!!!!! We have some awesome chicks here. S (good friend from paragraph above), use to play hockey for years. She said that a/f watching them play she got all edgy again to play. That's what happens when you love something. She should go for it!

I hope my girl (I wish I knew how to stick the html in here, but, I don't) AUGUSTCROWS...doesn't let fucking useless ignorant fucks get her down. Cause you're so much better than that!! You know who counts and who doesn't though...and that should be enough...I hope.