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2002-02-20, 9:18 a.m.: slightly near-sighted...

I went and got my eyes checked today. Apparently I am slightly near-sighted. Not enough though to bother with getting prescriptions for it. I knew that I had a slight disfunction in the eye area, when I was @ the doctors a couple weeks ago with my friend and we had a competition on who could read the smallest lettering on the eye chart. He, of course, got all the way to the bottom and I was struggling reading out some fucked up letters that weren't even there. The eye dr...or optomotrist (to be correct), said it probably wont get any worse than it is and there's really nothing to worry a/b unless it starts to bother my way of living. I don't need that added expense right now and I'm glad that it's only slightly fucked. Both my parents needed glasses @ an early age, so I'm lucky I guess.

I stayed up late yesterday, a/f the gym, practising my performance and singing. I could do this forever...yes, yes, yes!! Did I annoy my family more...yes, yes, yes.

My sis broke up with her b-friend yesterday and she was NOT a treat to be around. I wanted to punch her in the face, but I know that she's suffering right now. Break-ups suck shit.