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2002-02-04, 9:47 a.m.: a slow and tense Monday morning...

Nothing much this weekend. I saw my boy and fucked his brains out...that's a/b the extent of my excitment. Hey, I'm definately not complaining here cause fucking is one of my favorite things to do. If I could have the feeling of exctasy rushing through my body all the time I would be content...I think. 'Tantra'...that's what I've got to study.

I saw American Pie 2 yesterday, and one of the guys was studying it to prepare himself for the visit from 'Stiffler's mom'. For anyone who saw the first one...this was much funnier by far. Although funny in this movie is restricted to one or two scenes. There was a point where I was laughing so hard I was crying. I love it when I laugh like that.

The snow fell again this morning. Traffic was backed up everywhere. I always find it amazing how every Monday, whether rain or snow, everyone is so behind schedule. It's almost as if we're directly connected to the weather some how, which wouldn't be too surprising right. I've been very tense lately and I really need to losen up. My work-out tonight is very much needed. They added another spin class...fuck, I may just go in and do both. I'm telling you that's how badly tense I feel. Anyone want to give me a massage??

Tonight 'QAF'...and religiously I must watch it. Maybe I'll burn some relaxation oil while I watch it...cause I'm telling you straight, it's bad here.