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2001-12-18, 9:02 a.m.: clearing up misunderstandings...

Watched 'Queer As Folk' yesterday. Okay picture this...Brian behind Justin, leaning him over a table, forcefully taking his belt off and snapping it @ the ground before he drops it, and Justin's pants ready to fuck him. How I wish I was Justin in that scene. I'm so excited for the new season, I'm creaming myself just anticipating it.

I also talked to T yesterday night and told her how I felt a/b the whole situation. She claimed that she had, as soon as I mentioned both our b-days, suggested we do it together. I do not remember it being that way. So it tunred out we both were pissed @ each other for the lack of friendship in the whole situation. I thought she was being a selfish bitch and she thought I was. As for Saturday's events apparently she never knew what clubs they were going to. N told her nothing and was a complete bitch for the rest of the night, and T's night was almost ruined except for the fact that she was pissed drunk. She said she had been wracking her brain over this since the day it started and well, I told her that if she was upset then she knew how I felt. Anyways, we made up so everything's okay now. I still love her. We're all going to go out a/f the holidays for my b-day again. More partying sounds fucking great to me.

School tonight...I have 7 chapters of tests to re-do. I better start reading the shit again...then it's over to do my Aunt's hair. Retouch her roots for the holidays. I should e-mail her to make sure it's still on.

CLG aka CAT XXX ;-)~