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2001-11-12, 1:30 p.m.: first entry...

She's up and running...

So...news for today: American Airlines plane crashed into a residencial area today. I am so decencetized now to this whole war shit. I expect more attacks, itr's just a matter of when and on what. Everyone acts so damn surprised a/b everything...but come-the-fuck-on, the U.S. is trying to bomb Osama out of Afghanistan. As if that will solve everything...how can anyone not expect soemthing else to happen. But, of course it has not ben confirmed yet as to what the real cause of the crash was.

Anyways...Saturday I went out dancing with some girlfriends. The club we went to was fucking crazy. It was @ total cpacity (if not over) and everywhere you moved someone was bumping into you. Now, I was under the influence, which probably made me extremely irritable, but it was so fucking annoying. @ one point I got into a verbal fighting match with this asshole who was the last to test my anger. Fucking bastard even tried to threaten me. He said to me (a/f alot of swearing): "Do you know who your talking to?" which pissed me off so much more, and I screamed back @ him that I didn't give a fuck who I was talking to. I mean common...that's something you say to a guy, not to a fucking woman. As if he wanted to start a fight with me. So a/f that my night was totally ruined. Ididn't get home until 6 the next morning. I slept until 2pm Sunday...and it felt so good. On Sunday my family was away, so I had the whole house to myself. It was very relaxing...I loved it!

So tonight is the gym and then I'm going to watch my favorite show in the whole world-Queer as Folk. Brian is sooo beautiful!!