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Friday, Nov. 10, 2006, 11:11 a.m.: saying hello...

It's me. Seriously, does anybody even read this anymore?!

Well, the new job is fantastic. It's alot of hard work and so much frustration, but once I get the groove going....I will be bringing in the $$. @ least that's what they tell me. Really tho, if I get a decent system in order then the sky is the limit for me. I love the fact that I'm running my own little business. I love the fact that I have nobody to listen to. I love the fact that I decide how everything should be done. I love the fact that I'm struggling and stressing and working towards something that's mine. Built from the ground up. It's very rewarding. I'm blocked from dirayland on the work ethernet (or whatever you call it). Yes, I am still slightly technically challenged. So that's the real reason I haven't been back for so long. I've got my trusty little lap-top tho, so when I plu her in @ home I can get all the blocked sites.

Now, for the negative side. There always is one, isn't there. I've got the usual slithery, sneaky people working amidst me. I had one incident with a manager. See we're to go out on our calls with managers for the first while, to get familiar with different presentation styles, and techniques. My manager is wicked (haven't used that word in ages). I like him alot and he really does teach me, every step of the way. This one chick tho, tried to screw me over, in my own appointment, and steal my client. I had to put her in her place and now she doesn't look @ me (or talk to me) the same. I hate back-stabbers! That's the only thing I dislike about the job. It's tendency for envy, jealousy, and a general need to be competitive. I'm just as competitive as the next, but I suppose I do it with a little more tact and positive energy. For example, I don't care to see the demise of another successful person in the business UNTIL they try to fuck me over...lol.

On the acting side lines, I've dropped my agent. We hadn't been getting along for the last year and I had just had enough of her. She was still trying to make me go out for little bit (extra) roles just to pay her some money and when I expressed my concern she practically bit my head off. Told me I was becoming a diva and then threatened to take me off her roster. So I eventually left, when I got the new job. She was becoming a total bitch b/c she saw that she couldn't tell me what to do...I actually had a voice. Like, I'm sorry I wont do nudity for you, and OMG I'm sorry I wont stand around as an extra for you, and I'm sorry I want to choose which picture I like best. Fuck, whose career is this?! She was trash too. She would swear on the phone when she spoke to me...and I was just like, grow up and have some respect for yourself. I want someone who is professional and decent...not a major pain in the ass biatch! So good riddance to her. Can you see I'm getting very good @ eliminatng the shit from my life?

So anyways, I thought I'd drop in and let my diary know that I'm still alive and kicking...and explain why I haven't been back for so long. I'll visit again soon.