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Tuesday, Nov. 16, 2004, 1:38 p.m.: love it...

The invitations are finally finished. All I need is 4 more stamps and then I can mail them out. We're planning a 30th Anniversary party for my parents. Conveniently enough, their anniversay falls on my b-day so I get chinced out of the deal on that day this year. But fuck, I figure if we're going to do anything big for them it might as well be this. I hope it turns out the way we hope. I've been doing the planning and everything myself. My younger sister has been busy with school and work. While I too have work and acting stuff, I guess I can handle the work-load better than she can. I don't mind taking care of it all tho...I like planning shit. K has also been helping me out alot tho too...calling to make arrangements for the room and stuff like that. We decided to hold it @ the same hotel they had their wedding reception. My Dad knows b/c he guessed the fucker...but my Mother will be totally surprised.

I need to chk all my acting stuff. I havent' gotten to that today yet. This relationship/fiance stuff means that I talk to him literally almost all the time. It's so weird to me. We have a couple or a few hours break inbetween calls or when we see each other, so my days go by much faster now. Yesterday I swear I felt like I did nothing all day and the day was DONE.

I'd like to chk out the new Johnny Depp movie that's out. 'They're' finally starting to recognize that he is a very versatile actor. Like seriously, nobody saw that b/f. I mean, just b/c he's prettier than most women doesn't mean that's all he is. Fuck, that shit pisses me off!! I hope he gets an Oscar this year. The day will ome when I'll be in that audience...hopefully nominated myself for one. Soon people soon.

Tonight Im having dinner with my two-faced aunt. She's my real aunt too, which makes it even worse in my eyes. I like her, but I don't like alot of her views. Anyways, we have a good time together usually and it's been a while since I've seen her, so. We're going to a sushi place near my place. I love sushi!! I'm on a mission again with the gym. I feel like I've been slacking a bit since getting together with K and I don't want to forget a/b my work-outs. We've put ourselves on this food plan where we only eat healthy food all week until Sunday...then we can eat shitty stuff, if we want to. I also want to make sure that I always get my spin classes in and my weight program too. I'm working on cutting my upper body now since I have all the bulk I need @ this point. I went to a spin class last night and my fave instructor was there. She had been off for a/b a month and I tell you, she looked fucking amazing. Her fiance is a personal trainer so I think he's been doing some work on her. She has my idea of a perfect physique. Love her!