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Monday, Nov. 15, 2004, 3:39 p.m.: weekend fun and games...

Had a pretty good weekend. Friday I had an audition for a host position. If I got it, I'd be doing a 1/2 hr show...once a week. It's not my ideal gig but it would be a start and I wouldn't mind...I don't think. @ this point I think I'd say yes to it. The cool thing was that I was in an audition room with 4 other girls who couldn't have been more than 18yrs old...one looked as young as like 15!!!! Shit I'm double that age and here I am auditioning with these young girls?!?! That keeps me ahead of the game @ least. If I didn't benefit in any other way I'm happy I got that tid-bit of info. I would've figured it out sooner or later tho, of course. After all the call-backs and the thing has been cast for [if I don't get it] I'm going to make a point of sending the catsing director a thank you card...with my DEMO. After the audition I met up with K, who has renewed his contract with this radio station he use to do a show for. He wanted me to go in with him and witness his show, but he turned it around on me and gave me my own segement. Since I'm such a celebrity 'what are they wearing today' kinda gal, he's giving me the celebrity news segment. So it's cool. I had fun and it's even cooler that we get to flirt on air. We have this great dynamic and regular listeners don't know we're engaged which adds more fun to it. It's mostly in his language tho and every so often some English pops into it->Enter ME. He's also not fully fluent so he has a very 'Americanized' appeal to his audience. It was awesome watching him do his thing. I love seeing him take charge and drop his fun-loving side for this super-organized, down to biz guy. It's so hot!!!

Saturday we did ALOT of shopping together, just I'm the only one that ended up buying. It was a total pamper me day. I almost felt bad in the end of it. He picked out this beautiful sexy ass gold pin-stripe white/creamy suit for me. It looks amazing on and I've been looking for one in black, but only managed to find this...in white. It's going to be my xmas outfit and he's going to wear his white suit to match me. I have to find a gold camisole [or some shit] to wear under the suit jacket tho b/c it's cut so that you only have to wear a bra underneath...NOT gonna happen for my families xmas dinner party. I'm also thinking of getting gold shoes to match with it. I bought a hot pair of red boots, ankle high, stilettos with buckles [love the buckles!!] too this weekend. Fuck, I haven't really shopped in SO long that this was such a relief. Hell, come to think of it, the suit will probably also be my New Years outfit too.

Saturday night we went to a friend's house warming party. My ex-friend was suppose to show up there and she did. It was a bit awkward but I sort of settled in faster than she did. I remember her being a wound up and tense kinda chick but this was just insane. She's obviously not in the best place right now spiritually and emotionally and mentally. She's got alot of things to work on...number one being her self-esteem. I love her [and sometimes feel bad for her] but @ the same time I can't get involved with her too much anymore. HEr vibe is so negative and restrictive. She held me away from the party for the whole time I was there and she never even bothered to go and talk to anyone else. It was just her on me like flies to shit..seriously. Her sister even emailed to apologize for her...you know, just in case she was annoying me. Apparently she was getting on everybody's nerves there, after we [K and I] left for the night. So this morning she emails me and just makes convo as if nothing has ever happened between us. Like fuck, does she really think everything is going to just go right back to normal?!? I have not answered her back b/c I'm trying to establish good boundaries for our 'friendship'. Tomorrow I'll get to her email. Once the night was over, we went home and just relaxed...well, amongst other things. Since K is HIGHLY sexual, I get my fill and more of my much needed lovin'. It's so much more amazing when both your sexual tastes are similar. We keep telling each other that we're like lego pieces, in almost every sense. I use to believe in soul mates...long time ago. Then my cynic emerged after being hurt and I've come back full circle. Never believe anybody who tells you that there is no such thing as a soul mate!!! Ever!!! It's not true.

So tonight I've got to get back to my spinning. Oh, I'm wearing this fucking push up bra today...you should see it!! It's hilarious. It makes my boobs look huge. I don't normally wear these things b/c I think they're sort of stupid but it's kinda fun to be big boobed for the day. K is going to laugh his ass off when he sees me. If you try to grab my titi though, it's so damn hard...not attractive or sexy @ all. But my cleavage looks beautiful in this shirt. Did you know that the pre-occupation with boobs really comes from an obsession with bums?? I bet nobody knew this but it's the truth. Back in the day when those corsett dresses were a/r and they were so tight and women's boobs were hanging out of their dresses. Well, those dresses were fashioned to appeal to men b/c the clevage reminded them of asses. Next time someone's banging you from behind or you're straddling something, look back and check it out. Looks like boobs squashed together. I knew this ass was hot but I didn't think it was THAT hot!!!!! LOL!!!

I'm hungry.