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Friday, Oct. 29, 2004, 3:12 p.m.: Funny shit...

We all know what this weekend is!!! It's HALLOWE'EN, my favorite time of year. I rank it right up there with xmas for me, and call it spooky xmas. I love xmas too. So, this year my boy K has planned a very scary weekend just for me. I don't know yet what the plans are, so I'm sure to be surprised...which is what I want. As long as it's not something so damn scary that I shit my pants, literally, in front of him...I'm coolio. Saturday we've been invited to a costume party where we'll get to don out matching Vampire gear. He's going to look very hot, with his purple and black top hat and in his black velvet long-tailed jacket. Seriously, his costume is hotter than mine!! I'm his sexy Vampire siren. My outfit consists of a flowing purple dress, that I got my seamstress to cut shorter [much shorter] and zig-zag for me, and a tit cover [or bra-like thing] that goes a/r my shoulders and has the high flaired colar. I'm going to pair the outfit with fishnets and my high buckled platform boots. Oh and we scored these awesome fangs, that you custom fit only on your two fangs...so it'll be the real deal almost. We wanted to go out as a sexy nun and the hot priest, but these costumes caught our eyes first. Fuck I love this time of year!!!

So, I've broken the news to 3 friends so far. They were all pretty exstatic [did I spell that right?]. I decided I'm not even going to tell my sister [the older one], just in case. It was funny though yesterday, I was @ my parents for dinner and my 10yr old sister noticed the ring on my finger. She grabbed my hand, all excited, and was admiring my new jewellery and she asked where I got the ring. So, I told her that K got it for me and all of a sudden she shouts...'You're engaged?!'. Needless to say, I was a little surprised that she would say that to me. Here I was thinking I was concealing it properly as just another ring on my finger. It's not a very typical engagement ring, so it could pass for anything. I had to tell her, 'No...it's just s gift' and then my Grandmother was over looking @ it. So the 10yr old goes, 'you know...you should wear that ring on another finger b/c people are going to think you're engaged'. I wear it on my right hand, and from what I know most people wear them on their left. K said it's bad luck to wear the engagement ring on your left hand, b/f we're married, so I just decided that I liked his idea...even if I wasn't sure of it to be true. Anybody know? Yea, so...funny shit huh?