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Friday, Oct. 22, 2004, 4:38 p.m.: perfection...

FINALLY!!!!! I had my first audition, from my agent, this past Wednesday. I mean it was nothing huge or anything but it WAS an audition. The shit part was that it happened to be scheduled @ a time that I was suppose to be writing an exam for my work. I had to get my agent to move the time for me, which she did with ease. I ended up failing my exam, probably b/c I had to rush through it to make sure I got to the audition b/f 5pm. So I re-scheduled my exam for two weeks from now...had to pay $80 too...fuckers!! The upset from the failure of my exam was lifted by the fact that I had to rush to my audition...doing what I really want to do. Although, it was only a commercial, so it's not REALLY what I want to do, but you know what I'm getting @ here, right? I don't know how much pull she had in this small ass industry here, but I do know that she can help me get my union card. THAT is very important to me right now. This country has a problem supporting their own talent...it really sucks! That's the truth...I'm not even being bitter!!

Things with K are still on the very positive side. He surprised me this week with some blindfolds and bondage...already appealing to my sexual tastes. He's a very perseptive boy...I hardly had to tell him what I wanted. His confidence and willingness to go beyond any norm is what makes him so fucking sexy to me. Fuck I love him...and not just for the sex either. I love how I feel when I'm beside him. I love how he makes me laugh and how we share the same sense of quirky humour. I love how he can be so sensitive and how it makes me love him more. We fit together perfectly...my most perfect boy. All this time and there he was...here he is.