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Wednesday, Sept. 01, 2004, 11:18 a.m.: the sun...

Another fucking wonderful night out with K. I can't believe sometimes how well we get along. I have a girlfriend who went through the same type of thing with the guy she's going to marry. She said that their whole relationship started out exactly how ours is going. It's kind of freaky actually how similar we are to each other and how our boys are too. She's giving me good advice a/b the whole thing, and it's exactly what I'm thinking too...ride it and enjoy every minute. Connections like this come once in a lifetime she says, which is pretty amazing b/c I thought my connection with my last obsession was almost immaculate. Now here I am with this boy and it's reached far beyond that. I'm writing way too much a/b this...I guess it shows how much he's effecting me, in a positive way for once.

I was suppose to meet him for dinner @ 6pm. I told him I'd try to make it for 5.30 though, but by the time I got to him it was almost 6.30pm. I felt bad and so far for the last three times I've been late. I'm usually always on time and it's funny b/c he hates late people but manages to not get pissed @ me. For some reason I have always gotten stuck in traffic. It's good though b/c he just laughs when I go into my story a/b why I'm late...I amuse him. So yesterday, I take this route, that he suggested, and sure enough they're doing construction so I get stuck on this turn for like 15mins. Goes to show you, the only time I decide to take other people's advice and I get fucked over. By the time I got there we didn't have much time to eat and luckily he had gotten something already, so that made me feel better. He ordered me this yummy pasta dish, that was sooo good. I love it when he orders for me. It's become a habit now, he always orders my dish and my wine. It makes me try different things and not get stuck on my usual preferances. He's fucking adorable. And the waiter stands there and you can tell there are so many things running through his head, during our display.

Went to see the 'Exorcist' too last night. I thought it was a cheap attempt @ making some extra money on a tried and true classic. You can't make a prequel to a bunch of movies that have already been seen, done and played out. Mind you, I was distracted for most of the movie, but the parts I did see...like the ending where the demon comes through in one of the characters was very fucking cheese, to say the least. It's a renter, in my opinion. Even the gore was cheese...or I all of a sudden have no reaction to those types of images. Which may be the case, since I've been reading my new novel, 'The Alienist'. I get decencitized very easily to things of that nature. I have the stomach for some pretty horrible subjects.

I talked to my 'new agent' and I'm meeting with her on Friday. I'll be signing the contract and picking my pics with her. Then I'll be ready and set to be sent out for auditions. I hope she has some fairly good connections, b/c I am in need of serious exposure and of my union card. So bad, I need that damn thing. If I'm going to go to the US eventually that's big for me.

So I read this quote on my tea bag today. It said, 'Make yourself so happy that when others look @ you they become happy too.' It really struck home with me and it's a really good optomisic quote to live by. So there you have it. Go out and do something that makes you so happy you're exstatic...b/c well, we only live once. Soak it all in and then let it all out.