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Wednesday, Jul. 14, 2004, 9:30 a.m.: 50/50...

Well, I'm not signed. That's not necessarily a bad thing, yet. I went to see the agent yesterday. The first thing he said to me was, I have NO non-union talent on my roster. I am non-union=I haven't booked a job yet to get me into the actors union. He then proceeded to look @ my resume and tell me that I've done enough non-union work and it's time for me to concentrate working on only union projects. I told him that I totally agreed with him, but that I needed the agent to get me in the door to union auditions...that's where he would come in. He asked me a/b my schooling and told me that I should really have a back-up career to which I replied, 'you know, I agree but I also think that I should throw myself 100% into acting...and I strongly believe that if the acting thing doesn't work out the way I hope, I'm never too young to change professions and go back to school'. He was impressed with my answers b/c he agreed with everything I said too. Everything he asked me, he had a typical realistic view on, and I always hit him back with my own realistic view on the situation. I couldn't disagree with him and he couldn't disagree with me, so it was a good balance. When I told him that my goal was to eventually break into the US he thought I was totally naieve a/b the whole thing, so I had to reassure him that I knew what it was I had to do here b/f I could even consider making the jump there. I left my demos with him, with all my acting work on them, and he told me to call him Thursday. @ first I thought he was just humoring me, I thought the whole no non-union thing was my big red X...but then I realized that he wouldn't bother wasting his time on me, asking me all those questions, if he wasn't seeing something there he wanted to wrok with. I mean, he even asked me a/b my job's flexibility and my availablity to make it out to auditions. I decided to throw in my bit a/b how many 'union' actors I had bumped into, on sets that I've worked on [usually student films] that suck shit...and how it frustrates me b/c here I am, getting so much non-union work, w/o an agent even. I just have to hope this is in my cards right now...this is all I care a/b @ the moment.

My sister's cat got killed yesterday night. He was hit by a car right across from my parents place. Both my sister's were really upset. It was so sad but these things happen. Actually it was a year ago today that I found my aunt's cat dying on the floor, while I was taking care of him when they were on holidays. How weird is that?! I'm trying to work on getting her another one but I don't think my mother is up for that. She hates animals...even though now she feels guilty for hating him all these years. He was really young too, only 4 years...it's a shame.