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Friday, Jul. 02, 2004, 9:55 a.m.: not over yet...

Well, opening night was pretty cool!!!! All 8 actors showed up to the theatre in a limo. As we pulled up, lights were flashing and I was freaking out. I was second to get out, a/f the main antagonist...my fave actor. We all got to pause a bit and get our pics taken like we were huge Hollywood actors. Some of my friend's who were there waiting said people were stopping, just to see what all the commotion was a/b. One guy was on his cell and when the limo pulled up, my friend heard him say, 'I think somebody famous is here'. I was laughing when I heard that. So we had a full house and aside from some technical problems with the movie, everyone seemed to really enjoy it. We all went over to the after party to dance the night away once it was done. The bar they chose sucked ass though!! There wasn't enough bar staff to keep everyone happy and alot of people left to go drink somewhere else b/c they couldn't get served there. The management is terrible there...no biz sense what-so-ever. I met some hotties that night too. One guy was the lead singer of a band...Italian guy with a mohawk. I wrote him off the sec he told me that he sang in a band, but he was still cute. We flirted for a while and then he latched on to this slutty putty later that night b/c she was more of a sure thing. The other guy though was someone who I kept noticing but I never made contact with. For some reason I assumed that he was with someone but @ the end of the night he came up to say hi to me. He congratulated me on the movie and then asked why we hadn't talked yet. I told him he should have caught me ealier. It turned out he was a friend of one of the cast members that I get along with the best, so I told him to get my info off him if he wanted to keep in touch. He was an exotic looking mofo...big guy too. I loved the fact that he came up to me @ the end of the night...showed confidence. It was hot too b/c he was watching me here and there throughout the night, but wasn't overly annoying and harassing me. I really liked that a/b him, so we'll see what happens with that. I stayed in the city that night and we all partied a bit more in one of the rooms. I crashed later that morning in the producer's room and since I had the next day off it was great. I'm still not in full recovery mode yet though. Too much heat and alcohol are deadly combos for my body. Today it's coffee and water all day long. I'd love to work out but I don't think I'm going to benefit myself in any way, if I do. I'll wait till tomorrow for that.

I'm @ work today and it sucks, yes. I'm planning on closing early though, probably @ 3pm. Nobody is here and everyone has left to go up north for the extra long weekend...except for me. I'm suppose to shoot some last scenes this weekend. Apparently I missed a shit-laod of drama on set yesterday. The director doesn't listen to anyone and two people have been fired and two have quit already. Today, early this morning, I get a call from him telling me to bring pics of myself when I come to set today. Now, nobody fucking called me to tell me that I was needed on set...so I'm not calling him back. I don't know what happened to the producer but you don't call an actor up on the day of to tell them they're needed for shooting. I figure that I can say that I was stuck in the city for two days a/f the premier, partying, and my phone was dead. Since it was made clear that I would be needed for the weekened, not Friday, I thought I didn't have a problem. Fuck him and his ego man! I also heard he's trying to fit in more scenes when they don't really have the schedule for it. I have two more scenes to shoot but I was NOT given a call-sheet and I sure as hell am NOT giving up my Friday plans for his lack of professionalism...fuck that shit!!!