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Wednesday, Jun. 09, 2004, 11:11 a.m.: scents...

I saw my x last night. The girls and I decided we'd head out to a local restaurant. I specifically chose this place so that we would most likely NOT bump into anybody. So sure enough my sister spots my x and his friends @ the bar. Not like I was trying to avoid them anyways, b/c they're cool to hang out with. It was more the rest of my high school that I can't stand and was trying to avoid the bull-shit 'reunions' that occur. So we all hung out for a bit, drank, laughed, smoked a joint. I know he wants to get back together with me, but I have no feelings for him anymore. I feel so far ahead of him now...it's amazing that I was the complete emotional basket case when we were together. I guess he wasn't as mature as I had originally thought and that's why I didn't grow that much with him. He's still stuck it seems...it's very weird to see. Regardless, we all had a good time together. I've been stiffing them for the past two Monday's in a row. I was suppose to go for drinks @ the bar @ the corner of my street with them, but I've been too tired a/f QAF and always chosen to just stay in instead. Fuck, back when I was head over heels in love with him, I would've skipped QAF [and everything else] and just stayed with him all night. How things change.

I took my car into the mechanics today. It's been burning oil like a mofo. Every month I have to put 2 litres back into it and that's not fucking normal...high performance engine or not! Who knows what the hell is wrong with it. I have this theory that the garage fucked it up themselves so that I have to get this work done. Ever since I started getting my oil changed there I've had this problem, all of a sudden. A/f this visit I am not going to go back to them. Fucking scammers!!! I've got no proof here, I know, but I just have this feeling.

I got this great new perfume for $20 over the weekend. I love the smell of it...it's been keeping me captivated by it every time I wear it. That's pretty impressive...so was the price, when I saw it. I'm not the type to wear one perfume forever. I like to always switch them up, usually b/c I get tired of the scent. There was more method to my madness though, when I was younger. I use to do it so that I would be able to make a constant impression on/in people's minds when I was with them...and w/o them. You know, since scent is such a strong factor in nostalgia I figured that, if I smelt like a ton of different perfumes, I could be permanently indented into those psyches that I wanted to infilltrate. Good idea eh? I guess sub-consciously I'm still doing it. Just don't get stuck in the minds of psychos, you know?! Could cause some problems.