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Tuesday, Mar. 23, 2004, 10:01 a.m.: anime me...

Holy fucking shit!!! MADONNA is coming to town July 18th!!!! I have never seen her in concert and she has been my saving grace and 'idol' for so many years now. I figure, if I can get tix...even if they're shitty seats...I'm fucking going!! Even if I have to go by myself b/c nobody else is willing to spend the money. I don't care, I will go all alone.

I have a hang nail that is seriously killing me right now. I keep getting it caught on things and it keeps bending backwards, tearing a bit more each time. It's pissing me off, but I know that if I bite it off I will be in pain for the whole day b/c of it. Okay so I did what I should do all the time...I cut the thing off, or rather, down to size. Why am I talking a/b such trivial fucking shit?! Sometimes I don't know why I write the shit I do.

Tonight I have to pick out my wardrobe for my shoot this Thursday. The photographer told me he'd be calling me this week to discuss clothes, but I can't wait a/r for him. I know that I should wear any patterns and that I should pick a color of shirt that will make my eys stand out in color shots. I may need to go and buy a copper colored shirt. When I wear copper my eyes look like they're contacts b/c the yellow in them reflects off my shirt. Actually I should probably give him a call up anyways just to make sure that I have all my shit ready to go. I have to pick out music I want to listen to and, I can bring friends in as well so, maybe I'll call some people to keep me company.

I'm on this new work-out program now. My girlfriend got it off her couisn whose transformed her body with it. So it works on a 3 day a wekk routine and each day we focus on one main body part, so that it allows for a week rest. Based on the number of reps I see in the routine, it's designed to tone the body...so I'm going to have to alter it a bit for myself. For example, I want to bulk my arms up a bit so I'm going to change up the weight and reps for me. I have to get the diet off her too though so that I can make sure I maintain a good weight for myself. Summer is on it's way and I want my killer legs and a hard ass to go with it. I want to see the defintion in my legs when I walk. I was looking @ my legs in the mirror yesterday and they are almost there. Three months of this and I'm going to have my dancer legs back in full force. I can use my up-coming comic book character as more motivation for this too. Get my body into anime character shape for the shooting of the film. Sounds good to me!!

<3 ~CAT~ xXx