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Tuesday, Mar. 16, 2004, 9:03 a.m.: days...

I hope it doesn't snow today. We are said to be getting 25cm of fucking white fluffy shit. Not impressed, I never am with this garbage. Mother nature needs to take a chill pill...it's spring for fuck sakes. Actually, that's a lie b/c it's not spring until the 21st of March. Well, hurry the fuck up...will you?!

So I got a message from psycho boy. He phoned me to apologize for his 'agressive' behavior last fucking Sunday. Guy waits a week and a day to apologize?! Yea, sounds sincere eh? I thought for sure he'd ring me up this Sunday, like usual, and I bet he was waiting to see if I'd call him...which I did not do. So then he figures I'm pissed a/b the way he reacted to me last time we went out and figures he has to apologize to me if he wants to fuck me again. Well, he shouldn't have made the mistake in the first place of acting like freak case! I'm glad though that he did, and early in too, b/c I was getting a bad feeling from him and he just re-inforced it to me that night. I'm not calling him back either.

I'm a little discouraged a/b that part I auditioned for on Saturday. They haven't called me back yet which is worrying me. I know he said that they had to move with the production and it's now Tuesday. I don't think I got the part. Oh well, @ least I had fun @ the audition. Onto the next one...

I went to my spin class last night and then I did my weights again. My body is back into the groove again b/c today I don't feel any pain. Mind you I strectched my legs out like a mother fucker last night. I was convinced that I was going to get a charly horse in the middle of the night and those things hurt like hell!! So for 10 mins I strectched out my hams and made sure they were nice and elongated. I would go back tonight but with 25cms on the horizon that's NOT gonna fucking happen. I'll just stay home and do Windsor pilates instead.

I did my agent calls this morning....left 5 different ones messages on their machines. If I get my name in their heads, the next time my pics pop up infront of them, they'll notice...hopefully. My boy has an interview with a top agent in the city today. I think he's going to sign with them. He'll be so happy a/b it. I have to wish him luck!