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Monday, Mar. 01, 2004, 10:06 a.m.: tats, bats and brats...

Well, it looks like everyone I predicted to win the Oscar did so. What can I say?? I know how to pick 'em...when it comes to trivial shit like this I'm always on the ball. Out of all the speeches, by actors, I was most impressed with Charlize Theron's. It was really heart-felt and it brought a tear to my eye. She was much more together than she appeared to be @ the Globes...really nice. I was also happy to see that Sean Penn got his Oscar, even though he was up against my 'one and only' Johnny Depp. Sean deserved it.

I had a pretty good weekend. No partying this time a/r, but I had a meeting Saturday night for the last Feature I did. We were brainstorming ways to market our movie for it's release this coming July. I went in there worried that I'd have no ideas and I just kept spitting them out. When they re-read over what we'd come up with, a/b 80% of the ideas were mine. I was thinking 'fuck, I have a knack for this shit'. Some of my ideas were a bit off the wall and crazy, but we were told to think of anything from the very normal and familiar to completely out there stunts. I think I'll be taking all of June off, here @ work, to fully focus on promoting this movie. The director wants to hire some of us full-time to help out. It should be fun and also quite the learning experience!! By that time, I hope I'll have an agent. Either way, I will have sent another round of packages and I can take a break on the hunt. How is it that I am still w/o a fucking representative?! How am I suppose to get to the fucking Oscars moving this slowly?! For fuck sakes!!!! Anyways, onto other things.

Went down on Saturday to the tattoo place and waited while my girlfriend got another tattoo. I took her to the new guy I found and he gave her a nice deal too. Took another two hours working on hers, and did it for a great price. So we're regulars now. He's going to fix up the flame on my upper back, make it more prominent so that it matches my new lower back tat. He did a great job on her's though. She had a bat on her stomach that she wanted to get fixed up, so he added more to it. Made it look like there were bats flying a/r her belly button and down into her underwear...slowly getting smaller and smaller. It turned out awesome and he fixed up her original bat so that it looked better. He ended up charging her the price she paid years ago for the one bat. She was really happy a/b it. He wanted us to stay and hang out a/f. Probably thought he'd get a nice threesome deal with us or some shit. Of course, I'm the more challenging one...the ball breaker. He knew he'd get more out of my friend whose just too sweet for her own good sometimes. I find myself having to take care of her...luckily I was there b/c she would've gotten herself into some trouble I think. She wasn't thinking very fucking straight that day @ all. Fuck! She needs to get laid.

<3 ~CAT~ xXx