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Wednesday, Sept. 17, 2003, 9:29 a.m.: hittin' the fan...

Well the shit is hitting the fan @ my parents house, finally. My mother's spending habits and all a/r onus on only herself, and nobody else, is coming into the forefront. Now, don't get me wrong...I love my mother, but I disagree with much of the way she behaves in regards to her family and my father, in particular. Call me old fashioned, but I totally expect a husband and wife to be completely open and honest with each other a/b everything. They should support each other in most things and if they don't they should talk it over and come to some sort of middle ground. For years my mother was hidding shit from my Dad and I would try to tell him in round a/b ways, but he would never listen to me. I never pushed the subject b/c @ some point it's none of my business anymore. Now, my Dad has experienced first-hand some of the little secrets my Mom was keeping from him and he is furious. I got into a discussion this morning with both of them...as always, but this time I didn't yell or freak out...and miraculously neither did they. I noticed the way she was acting like 4 years ago, and only now is it coming out. I hope everything turns out well, in the end, but with this family you never know.

So, tonight I'm going to an audition where I get to play a 16 yr old rebel child. Should be fun...if anyone can pull it off, it's me! Yea yea!!! I'm noticing how nastily dry my hair has been a/f coming back from shooting that film. I had crap put in it almost every day and it really has taken a toll. I'm going to chop it off soon...hopefully this weekend sometime. I mean, who would want to run their fingers through my hair if I don't even want to?! Yuck! Or, who would want to grab a hand full of it in their hand while I'm on top of them or while I have my head in their lap?! Well fuck, I'd still do that I guess.

Love, CAT xXx