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Monday, Jun. 30, 2003, 8:53 a.m.: fuck it away...

It was Pride this w/e. Love it!!! It's the best party of the year. A/f leaving the streets filled with naked bodies and love...I feel so fucking free. I missed my Drag Kings though this year. I'll have to go and see them the next time they perform. I've got my favorite who I would literally let do whatever she/he wanted to me. Not only would I let her do it, but I'd let her do it infront of everyone that was watching. Well mind you, if M.R. told me I couldn't then I wouldn't. But, I'd let him take me home and make up for what he deprived me of. I'm most definately in one of my moods today..I hope it lasts.

I do, however, feel like I didn't get enough water into my body though too yesterday. Or maybe it's the pressure, cause it rained last night. Makes me feel all floaty in the head, you know, not fully together. Tomorrow's a big holiday and I'm stuck @ work today. Kind of a rip off since most people are taking the whole 5 days off. I don't see the point of coming in for 1 day in between. Seems pretty stupid to me. Anyways, I hope my gym is opened today so I can go in and get a good work-out. I got to go on Friday and it was amazing. I had planned to go out and get fucked beyond recognition, cause I felt like shit a/b that part I lost. I went to the gym though, took an hour class, and I think it took away most of the pain...replaced it with adrenalin. So when I went out I hardly drank and I still felt really good too. I wanted to really see M.R. a/f the gym...let him fuck the pain away, but you know...I had already made plans. Plus I had this anger that kept wanting to lash out @ him, for some reason, and I didn't like it. Had to keep that in check. I'm @ peace though now, a/b the whole thing, @ least I think I am...I hope.

The Lost Soul
The Lost Soul

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