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Friday, Apr. 25, 2003, 9:43 a.m.: up-beat today...

Yesterday slowly slowly spiralled into a downer day. I spoke to this really hyper friend of mine and she brought me right back up to above normal heights though...I was so thankful. I had an audition to get to [the re-scheduled one from last week] and I was so worried that b/c of my mood I was gonna bomb. But, it went fucking amazingly well. I couldn't believe how easy I got along with the director, writer, producer. Add onto that the fact that it was so nice out! So this project is looking really beneficial. It's starting as a short 8 min thing, but the cast that they pick for this will go on to star in 2 more productions. Another short and then a full length feautre. So I auditioned for 3 things in one yesterday. Well worth my 45 min walk a/r last week looking for them. This 8 min project will eventualy be sent out [pitched] to all the t.v. stations, in hopes that someone will like what they see. I was even more exstatic leaving the audition. They have all these great promotion ideas too. It's a really well thougth out plan. The idea is a pretty good one too. It's a farce on image and it's effect on society. So basically it's a promo video a/b a school [where I am employed] that teaches you how to be 'cool' and respected in mainstream society. It just pokes fun @ how ludicrous it is and what people would be willing to go through for the sake of their image. It's fun. I was worried a/b my tattoos, b/c some of the stuff I would have to wear would be revealing. So I let them know that I have the huge one on my leg and the one on my back. The other one I can pretty much hide.

I went to eat and then spent a bit of time @ the gym with a girlfriend. I'm going to try to get her to join my gym. It's so much more private than the YMCA she goes to. There are just so many people there that getting to a machine is a struggle. I bumped into an old friend from high school there. He still looks great. He still has a crush on me too...it was cute. I remember I was the only one who could get him to come to class when he was slacking. I was the one who got sent out to recruit him back to where he should be. He was this awesome wrestler, who was set to get a scholarship b/c of it...and then he went and got poked in the eye. Blinded him in one eye. Bull-shit!!! I was so upset when it happened. It was nice seeing him, he thought I didn't know who he was...it was funny. I usually remember everyone...if not by name, then definately by face. I remembered him by both.

Love, CAT xXx