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Wednesday, Mar. 26, 2003, 8:54 a.m.: birthday trash...

Today it's one of my best girl friend's b-day!! I took her out for dinner yesterday night with the girls and we ordered like pigs. We got so much food that by the main course we just sat there staring @ the dish...which was fucking massively packed, I might add. So three of us went home with doggy bags that could last us three lunches worth each. Everything considered the meal was priced really well, I didn't end up paying that much for both of us.

I had come from an audition b/f that, where I was one of the two girls there, in a line up of 20 guys. The chick part is fairly small, but it's still a scene worth putting on a reel if I do get it. I have this feeling that I will get the part, but we'll see. It's going to be filmed a couple hours from where I live, but I'll only be needed for one day so it should be fun. Today I'm heading down again for another one!

I wanted to make it out to both of my gym classes tonight, but since I've got a theatre rehearsal I can only take one. Boo-fucking-Hoo!! I hate when that shit happens b/c these classes are my salvation. Tonight I have to go and be subjected to the annoying 'director' who probably hates me now b/c he thinks I rejected him. I mean, when the fuck did our business venture turn into a possible romantic opportunity...I don't know. Just b/c I talk to you does not mean I want to fuck your brains out. Especially when I clearly state my attitudes of not mixing business with pleasure...that should be a clear indication. I guess when people don't say what they mean, normally...it's easy to get mixed up. But I mean it if I say it to you. I also think I started some drama within the group as well. Cause like every organization people yap and gossip and act like fucking children. And now I have to deal with it.

I bumped into this chick I knew from high school yesterday night, b/f dinner. We use to hang out in school and then when we graduated we had some of the same friends (only cause of my ex though) so we'd bump into each other then too. But she use to be much nicer...so I have a feeling that b/c I'm not with my ex anymore she feels more loyalty towards him and his group of guys. It was weird cause we use to get along really well. I mean, for all I know he's gone and told a whole different story, to everyone a/b why we broke up, to keep himself from looking like the asshole. It would be typical of him though. I always thought he was lying through his teeth. Fuck, good ridance...that's all I have to say a/b that!

Love, CAT xXx