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Monday, Mar. 17, 2003, 9:18 a.m.: poor little baby...

Bad news. I put a new collar on my kitty yesterady night and woke up to find that he had gotten himself caught in it. It was strapped across his mouth and he was freaking out with no energy when I found him. I too was freaking and my whole body was shaking a/f I undid it. He was a little shaken up and I have him here with me @ work, b/c I'm bringing him in to the vet to make sure that he didn't tear his mouth or bust his jaw @ all. Poor baby. He's been really quiet and I think he's dehydrated too from the amount of drooling he was doing. I'm gonna go and make sure he gets all better though.**I've actually got to go right now, but I'll write more when I get back in**Well, 100 bucks later he's okay and @ home with antibiotics. He's sleeping soundly now, making up for the lack of sleep he got last night. He'll be okay. I finally got some good work done on the dance I've been working on. It was only me and one of the other girls, cause everyone else was busy. But, we finished it. I feel like shit today though, already. I had this craving for fries yesterday night and they obviously don't agree with my system. Blah. Tonight, I'm going to the gym and then to a local pub for St. Patty's day. I'm broke though and really can only get one drink. Fucking shit... I'm totally out of my element right now. Love, CAT xXx