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Wednesday, Jan. 15, 2003, 9:05 a.m.: a/f party...

Cast party yesterday went well. I got two drink tickets that tied me over for the 3 hrs I was there. Bar tender even handed us free shots. It was cool. I didn't know many people there b/c I was only on set for the one day. Everyone was still friendly and awesome though. I'm not a big schmoozer, unless I've spent time with the people. Not necessarily talking it up with anyone but @ least being familiar in some way. It's funny to watch all the background shit happening a/r you. I'm still slightly disenchanted and detached though in regards to that shit. One of the girls is throwing a party @ her place @ the end of January and we're all going to hook up there again. My girlfriend left with the cute model of the bunch. She so wanted him, and I could have SO had him...but she seemed to want him more and I could really fucking care less. I've gotta call her to see how it went.

It's getting closer to my actual photo shoot day. I'm excited cause I want it to get myself rolling with more auditions. I heard that this one service had sent out like 20 last week, but b/c I don't have this professional shot I'm screwed. I know it's not that big a deal, considering I'm working on two films right now anyways (choreographing/dancing for one of them), but you know. I want to audition for everything I can!!

Oh, and I'm getting my hair done this Friday too. I always feel so good a/f going to the salon. My stylist is a fucking amazing chick! I love her.