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Friday, Nov. 08, 2002, 9:27 a.m.: just another day like this...

I have my little sister here @ work with me today. My stupid mother sends her here with nothing to do. Now what kind of idiot does that?! She's an 8 year old girl with nothing to do for a day. I'm going to take some time out to take her home and get her some stuff to work on. It's actually warm outside today. For the next five days it's going to be like this. Global warming really is kicking, but in a good way...so far. I don't mind our temperature here warming up instead of cooling down. I guess I won't like it too much when it's so hot that we're burning up in flames, but for now...it's cool.

Tonight is my intensive scene work with 'not so new guy'. We're getting togetehr to work on our characters. I'm horny as hell and I know it's going to be so very hard for me to stay calm and composed. AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! Seriously, I'm going to suffer tonight. I cannot fuck him. I cannot. I must stay in control as I am sure he will, b/c he must prove that he is always in control. That just turns me on more...it's really ano win situation right now. I'm going fucking crazy!! I could get him to come to my 'place' but I want to see what his place looks like. How he keeps his room. I have a feeling he's really neat and organized, while my room is a complete disaster. Especially now, since I know I'm not there permanently, I could care less where anything goes. It's not set up @ all the way it should be. Should be tortursome but fun.

Tomorrow I'm going clubbing with an old friend from high school. It's her cousin's b-day and a bunch of us are going out. I don't want to stay too long, but if it's really good I'll let the night flow like it should.

I got in a fight with my vocal coach this morning cause I have my first lesson tomorrow and I knew I wouldn't have the money for it. I didn't think she would let me pay her in a week so we were arguing cause she was calling me irresponsible and shit...cause I was cancelling. Fuck! Irresponsible b/c I wanted to make sure I had the cash in my hand for her...like she wants it. Anyways, we straightened it out and she's cool with me paying her a week from now. So I'm off to my first lesson in half a year. Wish me luck! She even told me she wants me to do another work-shop for her mid December. This time she's going to pay me too. Cool.