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2002-08-02, 9:05 a.m.: the surreal and material...

It's Friday baby!

Long weekend is here and I have nothing to do. Well, not so much nothing to do as nowhere to go. Which is fine b/c I have NO money to spend on taking off somewhere. I spoke to an old friend from hair school and it turns out that one of the girls in the class is looking for a room-mate. I like her too, which is the huge bonus. So this Saturday I'm going to go check out the room and if everything is cool, then voila. It's even cheaper than the girls place I was origianly suppose to move in with. Only down fall is that it's farther away than her place and so I'll have to travel 30 km to work every morning and 30 km back home every night. It's worth it though, and I miss traffic both ways. I just need a parking spot in her building and I'm all set. It'll get me out of this city and into a new atmosphere. Considering I still work here though, I'll still spend plenty of time down here with the gym and my family and stuff. Just my friends are going to have to travel more of a distance to get to me and I'm going to have to get up earlier in the mornings. Ahh, and we can do each others hair all the time since that's her job. Added bonus! She's a nice girl, we'll get along.

I went to see a friend @ the beaches yesterday. The beaches is part of town east of t.o. where all the rich snobby yippies live. He's got an office down there and I went to check it out and we took a walk to the beach to chat and relax. I really love all the houses down there...if I had the money I would grab one right away. They are so in demand that it's unlikely though. We watched this guy who had set up, on the beach, rock sculptures everywhere. He found various rocks and piled them one on top of the other in totem pole styles. It was so amazing b/c the way he balanced the rocks seemed impossible. Some were ontop of others balanced on their pointed ends, and others were done pointy end to pointy end. It was very sureal to watch him create these tall sandwhiched rocks on sand. There was this great wiccan store down there that is going to be my sanctuary now that I'm going to be living in the area. We went back to his office a/f and worked on business cards for me. He sent me the finished product this morning and they are wicked!! I'm going to get them printed so that I can promote and market myself all the time with just a little square piece of paper. He kept laughing @ me b/c everything that came out of my mouth was some business oriented idea. He's against the corporate world and shuns the whole idea of materialism. I, on the other hand embrace it but for my own reasons. I mean, everything in moderation is healthy for you. I kinda look @ it like you gotta find a way to survive in this world and you have to look @ business opportunities in order to keep your assets and yourself safe. There's always a way to make money and always something I need the money for, whether for continued artistic pursuits or for that shirt I really fucking want. I guess I picked up the whole capitalist ways from my parents. In the hands of the right people you can do much good, you can really give...that's my opinion. If people weren't so selfish, work and growth/progression can benefit all instead of only one. That's what I think. You know, instead of abusing power use it to do good. Ultimately it is the heart of the person or people that is in question...the outcome is the proof. We need better people in positions of power. Yeah so, whatever.

On my way home some broad almost smashed into me. I was so close to getting into another accident. One more and my car is done...to the junk-yard she goes. Gotta take care of the bitch haha.

My best friend is coming home this Saturday. She was on a trip to Portugal...I miss her. Summer is almost over and we haven't partied nearly enough as we should have. We gotta get on that! Pronto! K guys, have a good one.

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