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2002-07-31, 8:49 a.m.: still floating...

Okay. Who kicked fucking ass @ her monologues?? Come on, tell me tell me. Yes, that's right...I fucking hit them, both, right the fuck on and amazed the hell out of everyone. My teacher was complementing me to no end...she was very impressed, and then a/f class everyone was commenting on them. I was the only one in the class that got that response from her, so naturally I was very happy. I had a severe head ache a/f them though and my body was so wired. I'm still feeling that way today. We all went out to eat a/f class. It was our last one so we all kinda did the goodbye thing. I got the number or one of the chicks there who I want to keep in touch with. She's got that kooky/crazy kind of aura a/b her and I like that. The fact that she's hot too also helps alot. So what! I'm attracted to beautiful women. She's gotta have a vulnerability a/b her though as well as a craziness. It's fun.

I'm going to audition for a part in this independant film. It's a slasher/mafia movie and they're looking for the part of the mob bosses daughter who happens to be a nun gone bad. I figure, hell, I can fit into that perfectly. I'm NOT taking my damn clothes off though, so they can kiss my ass if they ask me. On to the next level I go. I gotta fancy up the resume with experience and I'm working on taking a scene study class, cause that's where I need the practise. I really like this. I'm constantly stimulated which is what I want. If it can't be sexual, it's gotta be mental, you know.

I'm thinking a/b extending my time in my apartment for a bit longer. By law I'm suppose to give them 2 months notice b/f leaving, otherwise they can hold me liable for the last months rent. So, I figure I might as well pay half the damn rent and get to stay where I am, instead of having them come a/f me later for rent I never really used. That gives me a bit more time to figure out my situaton if need be also. I'm going to let her know asap though so she can stop saying my apartment will be free for Sept 1st. I still haven't heard news a/b the prick landlord. I'm suppose to go down today to meet him, but it looks like it's still up in the air. Just floating a/r up there.