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2002-07-16, 9:19 a.m.: what kinda shit is this...

I didn't get the book. I'm fucked. I mean, it sucks that I have to go into class and NOT be prepared. I am not a happy fucking camper right now. The bitch said she put it in the mail last Monday...it doesn't take a week to get somewhere. So, I think she just didn't send it and so she can go fuck herself. See what happens when you depend on somebody else...shit! This means I gotta take an extra hour off today to go get the damn book, if they even have it in stock...which they may not. I was thinking, for my second and contrasting monologue, of doing the sociopathic part of Lisa in 'Girl, Interrupted' when she drives Daisy to kill herself. I like that part...I think it would be challenging.

I went to the gym yesterday and the guy there, who runs the personal training program there, asked me if I was interested in working as one. There's a course you can take for $200 and once you have the diploma, you've got it for life. You can work anywhere. Something to definately think a/b. I think I'd make a/b 25 an hr...I'd have to hussle in getting clients. I'll take it into serious consideration. I tried to talk to my vocal coach a/b her idea and she was on her way to a meeting, so I have to wait for her to call me back. What I really need right now is another place to live...or a roommate. I'm planning on calling the Rental Tribunal to find out what my rights are in my situation. I was told that I'm bound to my lease...which really sucks dick right now. Even though I want to stay there I really can't afford it right now, and even if I got another job I'd want some extra cash for myself.

I'm covered for this months rent, only b/c I'm doing my aunt a favor and watching her house for 2 weeks...feeding her cats day and night, etc. She told me she'd give me $100/wk which was awesome cause I really need it. Well, I finished my first week and I go over there yesterday night to start my second week and lying on the table is $40. $40! I just stared @ it for a while, looking a/r to see if she had keft the rest somewhere else...in a treasure hunt like fashion. 'Fuck!! You can't be serious'...I kept saying over and over. I felt like a rent junkie. I mean she knows I need the cash right now, and fuck, if she couldn't afford it she could have had the courtesy to let me know. So I got shafted for $60. Now I haven't decided yet if I'm going to mention it to her...not rudely, just tell her she should have let me know b/c I was counting on that money. Or, leave it and when she asks me again to help her out, then mention it. I'm just NOT impressed @ all. I drive back and forth everyday to take care of HER fucking animals. I mean I don't give a flying fuck really a/b them, especially when I don't get what I was promised. It's just not right.

Anyways, I've got alot to do today,here @ work...and out of work. I better get going.