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2002-06-21, 9:09 a.m.: pussy night out...

Another day another dollar...Where the fuck am I coming up with these cliche sayings?

I went out for drinks with a group of girls yesterday night. It was nice to be a/r total pussy and no dick @ all. It seems that there is a general consesus re: men these days...they suck. I agree to an extent with that, but since meeting this guy I know that they aren't ALL fucked up. Although I was thinking...their's gotta be something wrong with him. I bet he's really argumentative, cause that would just be something perfect to fuck up my picture of him. I'm very confrontational with guys sometimes, especially if they are argumentative and think they now all. OR he has a really small dick, OR he can't fuck worth shit. I'm a sucker for a good lover. I never told him that, but he'll know soon enough. Anyways most guys are completely useless, except for the sexual aspect of it. If I could find someone who is supportive and encouraging and honest, willing to be emotionally open with me, and confident and intellectually advanced AND I'm sexually attracted to him, and he's an animal in bed...watch the fuck out. But, these are things of dreams and fairy tales and fantasy. *The right road is always the hardest road* That statement makes life more bearable really, it gives you something to strive for...helps you to perservere. Anyone who tells me that it's hard and almost impossible to get to where I want to be is clearly speaking filth to me. Determination, perserverence and faith will get me through. I'm willing to walk through the fire, and I WONT get burned.

Anyways, enough of repeating what I already know. I like to bring it to the forefront every once in a while...it makes it stronger. I'm looking forward to our second last performance tonight. I hope it doesn't rain on us, b/c that just ruins the whole vibe of the cast. I get to watch the whole last play fully tonight...with costumes and full sets and lighting. Let's hope that the sounds are cued properly this time Gawd, what a disaster it was last Saturday. I'm overly critical though so it probably wasn't that bad, but, you know.

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