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2002-06-19, 9:03 a.m.: another night alone...

Okay, it's going to be 27 degrees today. That's like 81 degrees the other way (I think). Of course I'm stuck inside this little box of an office for 8 hours @ a time...but you know, for now I'm gonna have to do it. I got to sleep alone in the apartment yesterday again. I froze my ass off though, cause I put the air on and it's way too damn cold. I can never find a happy medium when cold is concerned.

I took my lesbiana friend out to eat yesterady night for her birthday. We caught up on what's new, who we're fucking, who we have been fucking, and some other shit too. She told me a/b this old friend of ours who I've always had a little crush on. Well, apparently her and her g-friend are living together but are in agreement that they can fuck/fuck a/r with other people. I always felt strange a/r her when her g-friend was there, cause I always felt her being very attracted to me and I felt as if I couldn't give in too much to that. Now...I guess I can.

I spoke to my vocal coach...who I might add has taken such a different attitude with me now that she's seen me in full action. I'm eager to work for her cause I could use the extra money, but @ the same time I'm sort of worried a/b my commitment to her. She knows I have a very unstable schedule so I'm assuming that she will understand if we have to work on and a/r my schedule. She's working on buying a space here where I live, so not only will it be convinient for me but we'll probably get alot more students too from this area. I have to find out the going rate for teachers so that I can present her with a price for my time and effort.

Tonight is the last rehearsal b/f our closing w/e performance. I'm in charge of getting money from everyone so that we can buy the director a nice gift. I need to get that finished tonight. I'm really not needed @ the rehearsal but I have to do that, and I'd like to see how the shows run too. I haven't had a chance yet to sit back and enjoy the performance. My return to my gym schedule will have to wait until next week. I've only been getting in one day a week for the last month. It's alright b/c I've been working so hard that I get an adrenalin rush either way.