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2002-05-27, 9:40 a.m.: a w/e of rest...

Relaxing w/e for me. I did nothing strenuous, except have sex this w/e, in honor of my neck's pain. I was still a little stiff and the rigidity had moved down to the upper middle of my back on either side of my spine. Today, it's feeling totally better and Tuesday I'm going to get back into the gym routine. I still need to baby it of course still though.

All the guys were over this w/e, and music seems to be the prime topic of discussion now everytime we get together. Fine with me cause I'm into it...this is what I want. I love being one of the few girls with a bunch of guys getting all the attention...I'm really in my element. Yeah, my element, being swarmed by men. I love guys. Well, not exactly swarmed, but I like talking to guys...sometimes more than I like talking to SOME girls. It's not so much attention as respect that I love. I'm not just the little slutty chick in the corner whose there to suck everyone's dick. I'm the one who you can talk openly and honestly to, and who you can debate with, and they are who I can express my opinions to, without it getting personal and shit. I'm not hurting anyones feelings and neither are they, cause it's all in good honest relations.

Aside from the rest I got, I didn't sleep well yesterady night. I went to bed late and kept waking up though the night. Hot, cold, fuck I couldn't decide. Finally come 6:30, I sleep beautifully....just to get up @ 7:00 am. It's great outside today though. I think I'm going to take a walk later on in the day. I love walking in the sun.