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2002-04-15, 9:12 a.m.: it looks like shit out...

I hate waking up late. I am no longer going to hit my snooze button. I feel like shit when I try to sleep in later than my alarm.

I'm suppose to start my scene study class tonight. For a while we weren't sure if it was going to run b/c she didn't have enough students, but I got a call this morning telling me that she's set to run it. I wasn't really upset @ the fact that it may have been cancelled. I have so many other expenses right now that the $$ would have come in handy. With my car and the tires/rims and all that bull-shit, fuck. What bad ass timing!! Anyways...

The only other shitty thing is that I'm going to miss my QAF on Mondays now. By the time I'm done class it'll be almost finished. I think I'm going to have to get S to tape it for me so that I can catch up on Tuesday. I'm telling you... it's my religion.

It's dreary out and this weather makes me feel like shit. I don't like it!