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2002-02-28, 9:00 a.m.: blue and copper/red eyes...

I just learned the art of staying calm. Since I am usually always rushing with energy, whether nervous, excited, etc, etc. I did an exercise yesterday where I sank deep into myself and remained calm. It was amazing I was able to be so honest w/o a thought in my head, other than what I was trying to say. Most of the time I've got three or four things running through my mind @ the same time. This really helped me focus, ground myself, and channel my inner feelings outwards. I fucking love this class.

Grammy's were on yesterday. I only caught Nelly Furtado performing. This morning when I looked @ the paper I saw that she had won for 'Best Femal Pop Performance'. Fucking Cannuck...I"m so proud of her. She's so cute. I'm in love with her, you know. I even had a dream couple days ago a/b her. She was walking down the street and I ran up to her and jumped into her arms. I think we were probably lovers or something, cause it felt like that. I remember her holding me in her arms as I was straddled on her...and her blue eyes were so clear and distinct to me. I wonder if she got a good look @ my red/copper eyes. Anyways, congrats to her!

As you can probably tell...I'm feeling alot better today. I feel fully rejuvenated. Now it's time to think clearly a/b what I can do a/b my living arrangement. See when I start to feel like shit I want to get out of that place right away. But then when I feel better and stronger, I can stand it. I just need to analyze what is better for me as a person. What experience will help me grow as a person and lead me to where I need to be.

Im going to go see if I can find more of those fun tests you can take and then paste onto your diary.