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2002-02-26, 9:08 a.m.: pulling to lift my spirits...

I am not in a great mood today. I'm still fuming @ my family. I feel like shit @ home and do what I can to stay away from there...but, when you wake up in the morning in your house and you feel like you'd rather be dead than walking a/r with the rest of the dead there...you know it's bad. The energy running through my home is so negative that I feel it. I really have to consider getting out of there fast. I don't know how much longer I can take it there. I've worked hard @ developing a resistance to the negativity that my parents dish out @ me. Just recently have I really begun to fight it off. I will never let them bring me down anymore. I will turn their negativity into my positivity and strength. It's hard @ the same time too, b/c I can really sense it in people. It can be depressing to see. In the same respect I have an eye for energy suckers. The people who are too weak themselves to give and get back...they have to constantly steal from others.

Anyways...I've got to really get out. My tongue is still numb today from the bag of salt and vinegar rice cakes I ate yesterday. I love the vinegar on them but they can damage your taste for a couple days. My coffee tastes like water today...okay, that was a slight exageration...slight. Oh I've gotta try this. To my girl augustcrows. I hope you liked my poem for you. I'll turn it into a song eventually. Lots of love for you, to you, from...me.

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