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2002-02-13, 9:24 a.m.: me don't know re: Russia vs. Canada...

Today I get to go out for Chinese @ lunch....my favorite! I'm excited for it. Just 2 1/2 more hrs...

It's very cold out today. By the end of the week we're suppose to be back up in the positive numbers...which, is unusual for us, but I'm not complaining. Our winters are normally so fucking cold, but this year it's been very mild. Some days have been like fall days for fuck sakes. Instead of bundling up in heavy winter jackets and coats, you can play a/r with your winter attire a bit more this year.

There is still the drama going on re: the Canadian skating couple vs. the Russian couple. I wish I had seen both of them skate b/c then, I'd have more merit in arguing for the good ol' Canucks. I only saw the Canadians and from what I saw with them...they were completely fluid in their movements. I was totally entranced watching them, and that doesn't happen often with skating. The Russians are strong skaters...I wish I had seen them. I've got a soft spot for the Russians ( I always see them as physically superior in many sports, and I view that as amazing...some of the things they can push their bodies to do)so I know I could judge fairly here.

You know what I fucking hate?? I hate it when I'm trying to write this damn entry and I've got people walking a/r me. Can I please have some privacy while writing my morning journal entry?! It's taken me 1 hr to finish this shit...god dammit!